Are you looking at applying for an NDIS plan or updating your current plan?

Navigating the NDIS can be a bit of a minefield. There are so many options available and some you might not have even heard about.

Did you know, you can apply for funding for Assistance with Social and Community Participation. What is this you may ask? 

Well this funding is available to support NDIS participants to meet their goals and engage in community, social or recreational activities. It is all about promoting social engagement within the community.

What activities could I participate in?

The funding classified under the social and community participation may enable you to  engage with a support worker, who could help you participate in a range of activities, such as: 

  • Sport and recreational activities
  • Providing support to participate in social activities or time with friends
  • Leaning a new skill
  • Volunteering
  • Camps, classes and vacation activities
  • Attend personal development classes
  • Visiting your local library

What are the rules?

Please note, that the funding does not cover the costs of the activity or outing (eg entry ticket, equipment, meals etc), only the support to ensure you are able to participate. The Support Workers time can be claimed at an agreed hourly rate for both the activity as well as the transport time to and from if they are accompanying you for the activity. 

By using a support worker, you can participate in an activity without having to rely on family and friends to accompany you. This provides participants with great independence.

How to get started?

This can seem like the options are endless for the support that you access through this funding inorder to try a new activity, but it must meet within your goals in order to be deemed acceptable for funding to be granted.

Remember partnering up with a support worker who has similar interests to you can make all the difference, and we have a diverse group of support workers to help you meet your goals. Whether it be learning pottery,  playing soccer, joining the local gardening group or a local singing group we have a range of support workers who are able to support you.

Check out the range of activities we provide to the community. You don’t need to have an NDIS plan to participate in our programs, but we do welcome participates with an NDIS plan.